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Pin to Win With GoNoodle!

Pin to Win With GoNoodle!
For the month of March, GoNoodle is sponsoring #GoNoodleMadness where pinners will pin motivational blog stories and GoNoodle brain breaks for a chance to win GoNoodle Madness Classroom packs and GoNoodle basketballs! Winners are chosen each week in March. 

How to get in on the GoNoodle Madness:

1 – Pin  your favorite brain breaks from, or pin any GoNoodle image from this blog post.  Just hover over one of my photos in this post and pin it.

2 – Tag your pins with @GoNoodle and #GoNoodleMadness.

3 – The more you pin, the more chances to win!

Let the Madness beginstart pinning now!

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Here's my classroom GoNoodle story:

I've often thought how wonderful it would be if someone could invent a program for teachers that would be our all-in-one cure for unfocused, unmotivated, wiggly students?  What if that same program included fun games and music? 

Even better, how about if it incorporated cute avatars that grew bigger and stronger each time your students completed levels of dancing and movement?

Graphics courtesy of GoNoodle

I'd love it even more if it were free, right?

No, I'm NOT dreaming!

This is NOT a hoax!

This program really exists
and it's called,
Graphics courtesy of GoNoodle

GoNoodle is free to all teachers all over the country.  You can create your own account by clicking the image above. 
GoNoodle is a fun, interactive suite of brain breaks your students will LOVE!
In my first grade classroom we spend at least 10-15 minutes a day dancing and moving to these fun songs.  It's a great way to transition quickly and smoothly and get the wiggles out.  My students look forward to our GoNoodle brain break times each day. 

 It's a great classroom management tool as well.  It's amazing how the chance to earn an extra brain break each day can improve student behavior!  I also randomly draw student names and those students get to choose the brain break for the class.  It's a special privilege they get when they're having a fabulous day!
My students LOVE "Boogie Down".  Just reading the name, you can imagine what goes on with these little dancing machines when I turn it on.  The chicken character who narrates this video is hilarious, and this game has become a necessity in my classroom each day.

Ok...I'll admit.  I love to "boogie down" just as much as the kids do! I love to show off my "moves" and have fun with my kids. 

Pictures courtesy of Mrs. Preslar's Class
Arkansas Teachers!!!!
 Graphic courtesy of

Thanks to a generous statewide sponsorship from Arkansas Children's Hospital and the Blue and You Foundation, Arkansas teachers receive a special GoNoodle Plus upgrade which gives us access to Common Core aligned games!
All you have to do to start enjoying these fun brain breaks is click below to create your free account: 

Graphic courtesy of GoNoodle

Try it and see what an improvement it makes in motivating your students and getting their brains working! 

Happy Teaching! 
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