Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shammie O'Shamrock and My Little Leprechaun Writers

It's almost St. Patty's Day! 

My students were busy this week working on writing pieces and St. Patrick's Day crafts for the upcoming week.  We made a really cute, interactive bulletin board display outside of our classroom for everyone to enjoy.

We called it, "Leprechaun Yourself".  Anyone who walks by can figure out what their leprechaun name is by using our Leprechaun Glyph.  Students enjoyed finding their leprechaun names, too. I wrote them on shamrocks and placed them by their writings.  
We also have parent/teacher conferences this week, so while parents are waiting outside the room, they can enjoy their child's story and find their leprechaun name as well.  It'll be something fun to do while they wait to see me :)

I was really impressed with the students' writing.  It didn't take near as long to complete the writing process as it did a few months ago. I call that some major PROGRESS!  I'm so pleased to see my firsties becoming better creative writers.  

They each got to present their stories to the class.  Then they chose the best of two stories they wrote to go on display.  For this assignment their choices were:  "If I Caught a Leprechaun" and "If I Found a Four-Leaf Clover I Would Wish For..."  



We brainstormed ideas for each writing prompt and wrote down some key words students thought of using in their stories.  Students used the words in their stories if they wanted and came up with some great ideas of their own, too!

I don't like limiting them to a certain number of sentences, but for this assignment I requested at least 4 sentences, with no more than 6 in order for their stories to fit on the page, and most importantly, I wanted them to stay on topic! That seems to be the biggest issue we have when doing our creative writing.  I think limiting their sentences to just a few helped keep them focused on the topic better for this assignment.

I created this "Leprechaun Yourself" activity to share on my TpT store.  It includes 5 different writing prompt pages, the fun leprechaun glyph, and templates for creating a leprechaun.

It's on sale through March 16th!

Happy Teaching!

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