Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Pain, Just Fun...with Band-aids! (and a Freebie)

No Pain, Just Fun...with Band-aids!

Someone call the doctor!  I had a whole classroom full of "owies" this week as my students learned that their words with "ow" made the /ow/ sound.  

We used a box of band-aids and a red Sharpie marker to write our "ow" words. My students stuck their band-aids all over themselves...foreheads, arms, hands, cheeks, elbows, etc.

With a list of the words on the Smart Board, we played a "I Have...Who Has?" game.  My students were not only reading the words on their band-aids, but they were also reading the other words included in the game!

All of my students enjoyed this interactive activity as they learned to read their words.  The game was fun, and the kids had a blast wearing their "ow" band-aids around school all day.

Just add Band-aids and enjoy this FREEBIE I created for you!

I'm glad to be a part of

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Graph With Me - Making Math Interactive and Fun!

My first graders spent a fun week learning how to create and interpret data on graphs.

They learned how to create tally charts, pictographs, and bar graphs through interactive experiences with their classmates.

Some of the graphing activities had students choosing pictures from a bag to create data on their graphs.  Once the graphs were completed, they answered questions and interpreted their own data! 

 Working with a partner made this activity more fun, and the mystery graph bags were a huge hit, too!  They loved not knowing what would come out of the bags next.

Students compared and contrasted their data with others to see that not all of their graphs were the same.  

I created this pack of graphs to be leveled for all my learners.  Some students interpreted graphs that already contained data while others were ready to create and read their very own graphs. 

 Some activities also required students to survey their classmates to create the data for their graphs.  Again, working with friends helped all students build on their "graph sense" and become graphing experts!

 Graph With Me is a set of 20 ready-to-print graphing activities which include tally charts, pictographs, and bar graphs.  These activities are great to use with partners or individually.  They are meant to be used interactively to help students learn from others as well.  Students are encouraged to build upon addition and subtraction foundations when interpreting their data, too.  

Check it out by clicking the picture below:

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