Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Pain, Just Fun...with Band-aids! (and a Freebie)

No Pain, Just Fun...with Band-aids!

Someone call the doctor!  I had a whole classroom full of "owies" this week as my students learned that their words with "ow" made the /ow/ sound.  

We used a box of band-aids and a red Sharpie marker to write our "ow" words. My students stuck their band-aids all over themselves...foreheads, arms, hands, cheeks, elbows, etc.

With a list of the words on the Smart Board, we played a "I Have...Who Has?" game.  My students were not only reading the words on their band-aids, but they were also reading the other words included in the game!

All of my students enjoyed this interactive activity as they learned to read their words.  The game was fun, and the kids had a blast wearing their "ow" band-aids around school all day.

Just add Band-aids and enjoy this FREEBIE I created for you!

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Happy Teaching!

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