Saturday, August 31, 2013

Daily 5 - Building Our Stamina & Getting To Know Me Bracelets

I'm so excited about how well my students are learning to build their stamina as they "Read to Self" during these first two weeks of school.  They've worked together to work up to 8 minutes of "Read to Self" time.  They were so proud of themselves!
While students began reading alphabet charts and sound charts to practice with, I gave the DRA test to each of them.  They were super thrilled to see actual books in their book bags this week after I put several in each of their bags according to their reading levels. 

Students get to choose where they'd like to read during "Read to Self" time.  Most choose to read underneath their desks for the first few times.  Some realize this isn't the most comfortable place to read for long amounts of time.  Eventually, they begin to spread out across the room and read, read, read!

The whisper phones always make "Read to Self" time more enjoyable. 

Another fun activity we did this week was our "Get to Know Me Bracelets".  This activity is something fun to do at the beginning of the year when students are learning each other's names.  It gets them out of their seats and talking to all their new friends.  They all loved their new bracelets!

Some assembly required, but these bracelets were a lot of fun to make.  Everyone pitched in to help assemble them and tie them together.

This friend chose to make his bracelet an armband. Adorable!

Making new friends is a lot of fun!

Look! I have the bead you're looking for!

Find a friend who likes dogs.  Students looked for friends with the blue speckled bead and wrote their name on their recording sheet.

How do you spell your name? Students problem-solved to figure out where they could find each student's name.  To make it challenging, they could only write a friend's name once on their page.  They had to find a different friend to fit each category each time.

They worked so well together...just like friends should!

Happy Teaching!
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