Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Announcing: Customized Accelerated Reader Mini Clip-Charts and a Giveaway!

Do you ever find yourself finding a great resource on TpT, but it just lacks that certain something that makes it perfect for your classroom?  

Well, that's the reason I began my TpT store.  I was making so many resources for my classroom just because I wanted them to be specifically tailored to my students' needs or my classroom theme that I finally decided to put them on TpT to see if anyone else would like them, too.  

Well, a year later...I'm happy to say many of you do! I'm so humbled and honored that Preslar's Place has gained 295 TpT followers, 413 Facebook followers, and my blog just hit over 100 followers!  

One of my most requested items is the Accelerated Reader Mini Clip-Chart.  It's a great resource for your students to use to track their AR progress throughout the year.  The mini clip-charts can be used with clothespins or other markers or picture cards to track student progress.

The mini clip-charts are approximately 8.5 x 5.5, and I attached mine to a ribbon with double-sided tape.  I've also used hot glue which works just as well.  I print them onto cardstock and laminate them for durability as it is the students who use them in my classroom.

I like to use my western-themed clip chart with sheriff stars. Each student has his/her own star and moves them as they reach the various milestones.  

As an added incentive, I give away privileges and prizes when students reach the milestones.  I prefer to track passed quizzes rather than points, but however you track student progress, the mini clip-chart can be customized to suit your needs.  

The students are in charge of moving their own stars and tracking their progress.  The clip charts make this super easy for them to do! Included with the mini clip-charts is an AR goal tracking sheet your students use to estimate and set their own AR goals for a 9 week period.  There is also a spot for them to record the actual number of quizzes passed or points earned during that time period.  These AR goal tracking sheets are available for FREE in my TpT store.  They are also customized when you order a clip chart from me.

Don't just take my word for what others are saying about these fun clip charts!

Bethany M.


  1. We have school wide rewards for our AR students. If a child meets his/her AR goal they get to dress up a certain way then go to a themed party. For example, one time they got to dress as cowboys and the party was western themed with games, craft, dancing, food, and picture stations. I'm going to try to do more incentives and goal setting with my resource group this year within the classroom because they don't make as many points as others. I'm still thinking about how to go about this....

  2. Congrats Monkey Lady on winning a customized AR Mini Clip-Chart! Contact me at: or fill out the form above to let me know what you'd like. Thanks for commenting!


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