Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting It All In!

Whew! What a fast and furious first 3 months of school! My school life has been consumed with RTI so far and coming up with ways to keep my students engaged and challenged in learning.
I'm happy to say, "So far, so good!" 
Technology has been at the forefront of my classroom since day 1, but since becoming a TpT seller, I find myself creating more and more printable activities for my students to use as well. 
They love the independence of grabbing a game and using it when they're seatwork is complete.  I love using them with my small groups and RTI groups.  It's a win-win for all of us!  My latest activity is a fun math fact matching game for addition and subtraction called, Stocking Stuffers.  Click the picture below to download a preview pack.
I hope you've enjoyed using the games as well in your classroom.  I'm very humbled by all of the positive and encouraging feedback you've given me over the past several months. 
 With that said, I am happy to be back today with another freebie for you.  I've linked up with Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies to offer you one of my take-home book bag activities. 
This activity pack is just a sampler, and contains a list of suggested books and materials to include in your book bags that go with the pumpkin rhyming words activity I've included.  I suggest including a journal of some kind for parents and students to write in each time they use the book bag.  Having them reflect on what they did with the books and activities is a good way to decide what to add or delete from the bags.  It also gives students a chance to practice writing! 
I only send these home with families that agree to use them.  In this packet you'll also find a Book Bag Parent Contract.  This holds them accountable for taking care of the bags and materials and using the activities in them.  I've had great success since implementing the parent contract, plus it let's me know who is interested and who isn't.
Book bags are wonderful activities I've used for several years with my students to help bridge the gap between school and home by giving parents a tool to use at home to work with their children to build literacy skills. 
Halloween Book Bag
I get the bags from various places.  My favorite place so far is the Target Dollar Bin! Halloween treat bags are a great source as are the bags you get when checking out at stores like Old Navy.

 Animals Book Bag
We all know the importance of involving parents in learning, and sometimes we just need to be the catalyst that gets parents on board.  The results are remarkable when students and parents work together to extend the learning from school to home.  Sometimes all it takes is pointing them in the right direction and giving them the materials to do it. 
Sports Book Bag
I'm so grateful that what I do counts and matters in the lives of my students and their parents!  I hope you enjoy using this with yours, too!
Click the picture above to get your freebie today! 
Happy Teaching,
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  1. Great idea! Can't wait to try this with my firsties!


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